Someone Shows off White Wii-Wii Controller

Someone's confused the Wii-mote with something else entirely

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Someone Shows off White Wii-Wii Controller
You may be wondering what the picture above is doing on SPOnG. If you are, it's a reasonable question. Now look again. Spotted it? (No, not that).

"But where's it from?" you ask. Honestly, we don't know... and if we did, we wouldn't admit it. This image just landed in our inbox courtesy of Metalpheonix79.

It appears some dastardly cad out there is using the wii-mote for ungodly things. In the text at the side there's talk of filling holes, toys (the Wii, perhaps) and interactivity (which is the Wii's strong point, after all!). We've had a long hard look through the thesaurus and there simply isn't a word in there to describe the shock we feel. To make matters worse we've had to lock our youngest SPOnGer, Mark, in the cupboard until he can work out what a money shot is.

With Nintendo aiming for the whole family with Wii, it's unlikely that they've given their approval to this appropriation of their marketing images. It's also unlikely that future versions of Interactive Sex will be coming out on the Wii, even though the technology may seem uniquely suited to the subject.

We can only assume that somehow black market profiteers have got hold of Nintendo's hardware (Andy, stop tittering! - Ed). Oh, wait... this outraged writer has just been informed that we don't do prurience. Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz is available at all good adult stores, we guess.


Moschops 10 Nov 2006 20:45
will the Wii/Wee jokes every stop being funny (in the UK at least) ?

I still can't decide if it's a stroke of marketing genius, or just f**kwitted stupidity
sneakyduck 10 Nov 2006 20:49
In vaguely related news I for one cannot wait to browse for porno on my Wii. Seriously.

There's something strangely exciting about combining my love of Nintendo and my love of smut.

What? Oh, come on! Like I'm the only one who's thought about it...
Rod Todd 11 Nov 2006 12:11
Did Spong Edit that advert with the "Naughty" bar, or is that how it was orginally? It's just that the way it goes behind the WiiMote makes is look like a part of the printed advert.

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