Roll Up! Roll Up! New Thrillville Trailer Inside

Build,manage and ride the theme park of your dreams while fighting a globalising mega-company...

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A wise SPOnG staffer once said, ?A man who?s tired of theme parks is tired of life?, and by extension, if you don?t get just a teensy-bit excited about this new trailer of forthcoming theme park creator, Thrillville, then you really need to see your doctor about upping the anti-depressants.

The game, which had many kids-of-all-ages quite excited at E3 this year, is being distributed by Atari in Europe and is simply described as, ?a nonstop party in a theme park that you create.?

Plus it has the additional bonus of not involving hours of pointless queing and spending extortionate amounts of money on cold, tasteless junk food (but surely that?s all part of the fun?!, Lardy Ed).

If nothing else, the fact that it?s being developed by David ?Elite? Braben?s Frontier Developments should pique your interest.

You can take enormous amounts of self-satisfaction by building and riding your own dream rollercoasters and rides (from wooden, corkscrew and inverted coasters to merry-go-rounds, trains and all your favourite carnival rides). Oh, oh and you can also make and race go-kart tracks, play mini-golf on courses and play a range of four-player party games, from bumper cars to classic Midway arcade shoot-?em-ups, with mates.

The game?s storyline involves you ensuring the punters in the theme park you?ve inherited from your eccentric Uncle Mortimer are kept happy, in order to fight off the ever-present threat posed by the nefarious Globo-Joy corporation.

In addition to good management and park-building skills this involves getting involved close-up, face-to-face with all your punters, chatting and joking with them to make sure they?re enjoying themselves.

Check out the latest trailers right here:
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Quicktime (11.9MB)
Windows Media (11.0MB)

Thrillville is out later in November on the PlayStation 2, PSP and Xbox.


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