Ubisoft Confirms GRAW 2 for March 2007

Plus brand new Wii IP announced

Posted by Staff
SPOnG just spoke with our good friends at Ubisoft in the UK, who confirmed for us the news that emerged from the company?s financial report yesterday: the sequel to the hugely popular Tom Clancy?s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (more commonly/easily referred to as GRAW) will be out on all next gen systems next March.

GRAW was one of the first major next gen games to really show off the possibilities of the Xbox 360 when it was released in March of 2006. So fans of the series will be happy to know they don?t have (too) long to wait for the sequel.

And there are lots of GRAW fans out there, with this year?s version having already sold over 2.4 million copies.

GRAW also, rightfully, picked up a BAFTA for Best Game and Best Technical Achievement at the recent awards. Rob Cooper, managing director of Ubisoft UK said of the awards at the time, ?We are delighted to have picked up these awards for Ghost Recon, and we are especially delighted that it has been recognised and rewarded as the best game. Since its launch, it has been one of the most acclaimed and best selling next generation games on the market and it?s wonderful to receive this endorsement from such a prestigious organisation as BAFTA.?

Ubisoft's financial reports made public yesterday also outlined that the company has seven further Wii titles in development yet to be announced. One of these titles is based on a 'new brand' which we will of course be bringing you further details on as soon as we get them....

Ubi president, Yves Guillemot issued a statement following the healthy financial, stating, "Ubisoft managed to take full advantage of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and should now benefit from the much awaited PlayStation 3 and Wii launches.

"We have the second largest creation workforce in the industry, which we have built up over the past ten years, and a powerful and wide-reaching distribution network?Ubisoft has ideally positioned itself to outperform the very strong growth of the market in the coming years," he added.

So, morale is high at Ubisoft as the company just raised its sales targets for 2007 after posting a 13% rise in revenues for the first half of this financial year.


Joji 25 Oct 2006 13:34
Good one Ubisoft, I thoroughly enjoyed GRAW. Love the RE4 over the shoulder perspective, which I think has dragged something else cool with it into this series that was missing. You feel more connected to your comrades when fighting with them and that's a great feeling I last experienced playing Freedom Fighters ages ago.

New Wii games? Sweet news to my ears. ''Wiiiiiiiiiii....!!''

SCiARA 25 Oct 2006 16:05

The s**te news of a delayed assassin?s creed is negated with GRAW 2 in its place.
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