EA Buys Digital Illusions CE

Pays the price, gets the DICE.

Posted by Staff
Electronic Arts has just announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sweden-based Digital Illusions CE (DICE) the developer currently working on Battlefield 2142. DICE will now become a fully integrated EA Studio.

This has been a long and steady courtship, with EA’s original interest and investment in DICE going back to February of 2003.

“We’ve been working very closely with EA for the past five years and this is a very natural step for us as we move into the next generation of gaming,” said DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund, who will now become an EA Studio general manager.

An EA press statement regarding the takeover, states that the studio will be “...dedicated to growing the Battlefield franchise and developing new products for the PC, next generation consoles and other new platforms.”

DICE is currently working on the eagerly-anticipated and aforementioned Battlefield 2142 (pictured right) set to release later in October for PC.


crs117 2 Oct 2006 17:42
In my opinion this sucks. So much for innovation as far as DICE is concerned. I guess we can expect a new battlefield update every year much like the EA sports titles with little to no advancement of this excellent series.

I guess we will also see battlefield sound tracks and BK and Dodge ad's plastered all over the walls of chinese and iraqi battle grounds of the next battlefield installment.

Also i fully expect EA to take control of all BF servers and phase out the previous years server as soon as the newest year's installment is released.

Jeeez I hate EA.
Hypnotoad 3 Oct 2006 03:19
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