Insane Launch Queues for New Pokemon

It's going to happen all over again...

Posted by Staff
You remember when Pokemon was the biggest thing on the planet? The times around the turn of the millennium when every single street in every single country in the developed world had Pokemon merchandise on offer and every single child was packing a Game Boy Color and a Poke-Deck? Well, it has a good chance of happening all over again.

The franchise has been steadily regaining momentum, cracking Canadian and American markets recently and consolidating a fully-fledged Japanese renaissance, pictures of which (courtesy of our friends at Gemaga) have taken everyone by surprise. The rather huge queue is for yesterday's release of Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond, and as you can see, those in the queue are not a horde of schoolchildren as one might have imagined. You see, those scooping up launch copies of Pokemons Green, Red and Blue back in 1997 have grown up and are back for more.

Still no word on a European or US release for the new games, though milk-scented Westerners can make do with the entirely adequate Mystery Dungeon offerings - due in November - until Pearl and Diamond launch in Easter 2007.


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