Bully Given New Identity

Controversial Rockstar title changes name to escape the past.

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Bully Given New Identity
It's not like the iconoclasts at Rockstar Games to take the path of least resistance, but that seems to be what they are doing. R*'s controversial forthcoming game Bully (out in October) is apparently getting a change of name and will be known henceforth - in the European region at least - as Canis Canem Edit.

This is the Latin motto of the fictional Bullworth Academy, the school of hard knocks which you attend in the game, and translates as 'Dog Eat(s) Dog'. There's nothing wrong with that, although we are bound to reveal that it is a slightly inelegant piece of Latin. Classical scholars close to SPOnG tell us that they would have preferred 'Canis Edendus Cane', or 'Canis Canem Edat', both of which closer approximate the original English idiom, or even the archaic form 'Canis Canem Est', which trips off the tongue a little less clumsily.

Whatever, we think it's really rather a clever move which will deflect vocal critics of the in-progress game, who have based their attacks purely on the the game's name. Apparently, it's still to be called Bully in the US, although whether that's because R* wants to continue courting controversy, or simply feels that ancient languages might bewilder American consumers, is anybody's guess.


realvictory 3 Sep 2006 02:48
It makes it sound a lot more sophisticated - perhaps too sophisticated... Everyone can relate to bullying - however not everyone can relate to Latin...

Anyway, I like it because it's unique. It makes me wonder what Grand Theft Auto could have been called, or even Table Tennis...
Moschops 3 Sep 2006 19:09
<kid enters game store>

kid: is that game - cabus, erm, canibis eatum, erm..

assitant: you mean "bully"

kid: yeah, bully, is that out yet?

assistant: yeah, but you're too young, now scoot*

*work of fiction, assitants will happilly sell 18+ game to 8 year olds
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PreciousRoi 3 Sep 2006 23:27
i think they just want to make JACKoffs like THat dude whOse naMe i aPparently cannot utter on SpONg (try it and see what happens) say stuff in latin...i must say the archaic version would be preferable, looks more latin-y, heh...

they could do a commercial with the ted nugent song...
PreciousRoi 3 Sep 2006 23:34
Grand Larceny Auto?
config 4 Sep 2006 08:23
Hmm, the new name doesn't float with me. Too unwieldy.

"Bullworth" or, to avoid confusing it with the movie "Bulworth", "Bullworth Academy" would have been more suitable.
PreciousRoi 5 Sep 2006 04:59
exactly, too cumbersome to effectively market against...
tyrion 5 Sep 2006 07:36
PreciousRoi wrote:
exactly, too cumbersome to effectively market against...

What do you want to be that the anti-games crowd will claim victory now that "Bully" is no longer on the release schedules?
PreciousRoi 5 Sep 2006 07:43
branding works both ways...yeah, prolly some of them are too uninformed to notice the name change, hopefully some will cry "Victory!" and go home(they can crow about it all they want, a percieved victory for them does no perceptible harm that I can see), but more that its harder to get people worked up against a cumbersome, enigmatic Latin motto than something simple, punchy, and with obvious negative connotations, like Bully.

Its actually a form of magic.
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