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Shmup-dev launch 2D shooter compo

Posted by Staff
Shoot From the Hip!
A favourite website of ours is the freeware-tastic Shmup-dev, a community of people who like to develop (or even just play) quaint, old-fashioned 2D shoot-em-up games.

Being vigorous, competitive sorts, they've announced their third 2D shooter competition, called the Autofire 2007 Shooter Competition. Go here to see the rules, which include a size no greater than 20Mb, a January 1 deadline and a stipulation that the game must have an autofire feature of some sort.

We're happy to admit that we won't be entering but, like the sideline-sitting, consumerist gluttons that we are, are rather looking forward to the entries becoming available for download.


Joji 1 Sep 2006 12:11
Hey that's a good idea. I'll look forward to what fans come up with.

We need more encouragement for this kind of stuff from the games industry.
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