DS Owns Japan!

Shock and awe in all-DS top ten chart.

Posted by Staff
Here at SPOnG, we love the Japanese. We try to be like them, and so should you. As we're sure you know, in Japan everybody starts the day with an impressive, acrobatic kendo workout, before powersliding down a mountain in a turbo-charged car to meet sexy twins in sailor outfits and sing karaoke over some sushi.

The other thing they love to do over there at the moment is buy Nintendo DS games by the bucket-load. More DS Lites were sold in Japan last week than all the other consoles put together. Even more impressively, the all formats software chart has been totally dominated by DS titles, with every single game in the top ten for Nintendo's facelifted double screen of delight.

Here's a full run-down, with new title Final Fantasy III slam dunking in at number one and shifting a staggering 500,000 copies:

Final Fantasy 3
New Super Mario Brothers
Rune Factory
Brain Age 2
Cooking Navi
Tamagotchi 2
Mario Basketball 3 on 3
Animal Crossing WW
Brain Age
English Training

Impressive, eh? Brain Age is what they call Brain Training over there, by the way.


majin dboy 31 Aug 2006 17:28
thats impressive,all 10.has this been done before?
The_Moss 31 Aug 2006 20:02
Not to my knowledge
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tyrion 1 Sep 2006 07:50
What also needs to be pointed out is the exact level of pwnage that the DS Lite enjoys in Japan as regards hardware sales.

It didn't just outsell everything else hardware-wise last week, it sold over 2.7 times as many pieces of hardware than everything else combined! Six weeks ago it sold 3.7 times as many units as everything else combined.

And by "everything else combined" what I mean is Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro, GameCube, Nintendo DS (phat), PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox and Xbox 360. Those are the other hardware platforms that Media Create tracks the sales of.

In fact, if you want a laugh at Microsoft's expense, the DS Lite sold more hardware units last week than Microsoft has managed to sell, Xbox and 360, since the DS phat launched 91 weeks ago! And the DS Lite does this almost every week.
OptimusP 2 Sep 2006 09:32
The song that Nintendo is singing with this news...

Roll in the money, that lovely money, we're having such a very good time oooh....roll in the money, so much money!
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