Free Radical Finds Yet Another Publisher in LucasArts

But what's happened to Haze?

Posted by Staff
LucasArts today inked a deal with TimeSplitters-famed Free Radical Design, with an unannounced title for next-generation consoles being planned between the publisher and the somewhat transient, somewhat brilliant development studio.

"Free Radical has always been about titles with great gameplay and innovative design," said Peter Hirschmann, Vice President of Product Development at LucasArts. "In the battle for videogame quality, these guys are at the front of the line. This team's pedigree is one of the best in the business."

"In recent years, LucasArts has established itself as one of the hottest publishers on the planet," said Steve Ellis, Director at Free Radical, "We're honoured that they're every bit as interested to be working with us as we are to be working with them."

Of course, this does see Free Radical testing the waters with yet another publisher. Indeed, FRD has been linked to Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Eidos, Codemasters and now a fifth publisher. Haze, the Ubisoft project is still in development as far as we know, though it hasn't been openly mentioned in the public domain since it was shown at E3.

Concerned, we contacted Free Radical's Steve Ellis who explained to us, "As for Haze, its coming along very well, but we're working with Ubisoft's PR guys and they want to wait until the time that they feel is best before releasing any more info. Expect something in the next few months."

Haze is a game that by all accounts is going to break your brain with its brilliance. And now, dare, we suggest, TimeSplitters 4 in Star Wars worlds?

We'll cross everything too. And pray. You never know...


SorelissLarethian 28 Aug 2006 22:19
"TimeSplitters 4 in Star Wars worlds?"

and i dare take it further :) with Wii freestyle gameplay please??

Danke Schoen!!!
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