Too Human Unreal Engine Dump Relegates Game to Massive Wait?

Epic's engine out in favour of in-house platform?

Posted by Staff
According to serious rumouring the length and breadth of the Internet, Silicon Knights has dumped the Unreal Engine 3 in favour of developing its own platform for the upcoming shooter Too Human, news that if true will likely saddle the game with a massive delay.

Various sources cropped up over the last day or so claiming the developers found the acclaimed Epic engine difficult to tame for the Xbox 360. No sources were cited, no evidence given, yet there's a lot of smoke bellowing up and most watchers are assuming a fire is indeed blazing.

Too Human is pegged as the first game in a trilogy, though it is expected the news of the engine-switch, if true, will push the game back as much as a year, even with a bolstered development core. SK's jobs page makes no reference of requiring engine-coders at time of press.

Interestingly, Silicon Knights took great pains to tell the world how much it liked the Unreal Engine 3 as recently as last May, when Silicon Knights president and founder Denis Dyack issued a press release stating, "We feel The Unreal Engine 3 is by far the best technology for next generation systems. With its advanced graphic pipeline and technical capabilities Silicon Knights will be able to concentrate on delivering content at a production level previously unheard of. By partnering with Epic Games exclusively, we feel will be able to help usher in a new era where video games become the dominant form of entertainment for this century.

Since initial articles ran, follow-ups claim to have confirmed the shift, though at time of press, Silicon Knights had made no comment on the issue in spite of widespread badgering. We'll update you as we learn more


OptimusP 15 Aug 2006 08:31
Right, Silicon KNights is being reeeaaaaal stupid...they actually had a Too Human engine (Eternall Darkness used the not-finished version of it) then switched too Unreal 3 and are now switching back...

And geuss who's paying for all this...MS. Second Rareiasco in the making...get it sorted out Denis!
ozfunghi 15 Aug 2006 12:24
What i find even more amusing, is the fact that 2 or 3 years ago, Dyack claimed he could not imagine SK working for anybody else but Nintendo. Like the companies were soulmates.

A year later, or less, he states that the companies have "different views" and are to part ways. Obviously, he thought Nintendo was talking about making ONLY simple games, instead of making simpler games as well. (A 70 hr Zelda, how 'bout that Denis?) He also wanted to persue the path of high tech hardware (which Nintendo couldn't offer him) and make software with cutting edge graphics*...

Having fun now, Denis?

*though one has to wonder what the hell "Eternal Darkness" was, since it boasted some pretty horrible graphics, compared to other 2nd gen titles like Starfox Adventures for instance...
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ozfunghi 15 Aug 2006 21:30
Denis now denies the whole thing on Gspot.
OptimusP 16 Aug 2006 08:18
Denis is caught being a MS pr-monkey and the truth that Nintendo was actually a very good GAMEcompany to work with it.

At one point he slams Nintendo for not being interested in making epic games but asked about the Wii he says "i'll buy one just for Zelda"...And everyones knows Zelda-games are just a bunch of mini-games stuck togheter...

I fear that SK is going down the same road as Rare, great in visual presentation at a great cost of gameplay...unless Nintendo is holding their hands.
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