Official DS Headset ? Pics of New Must-Have

Now we can finally play Nintendogs on the tube.

Posted by Staff
Whilst there have been third party combined microphone/earphone DS headsets on the market for some time, SPOnG is happy to finally see Nintendo?s own offering, which releases in Japan on September 14.

Finally, we will be able to use chat-enabled games and microphone-enabled DS games on public transport, without looking like Rosemary, the telephonist from Hong Kong Phooey (if you are not sure what we mean, check out the pic to the right of the lady wearing Datel?s DS headset).

So, if you, like SPOnG have been having problems with playing games such as Nintendogs and Metroid Prime Hunters in public spaces (whilst slyly whispering into the DS?s microphone) you need worry no more. However, we cannot be held responsible for how other people on the bus or the tube might respond to you petting your virtual dog or smack talking with your mates on Metroid.

We put a call in to Nintendo UK to find out about a planned European release date and a few more technical specs for the headset (we presume the downside of this is that it transforms your DS?s stereo sound into mono). However all we got back from Nintendo was the usual, ?We have made no announcement yet on this.?

Never mind, it?s only a headset. You can get one on import come September. In the meantime, keep whispering.


YenRug 28 Jul 2006 12:38
Don't dismiss it as being only mono, like the useless Datel one, take a closer look at your very fuzzy pic of the new headset. Can you see the wires coming away from the plug and how there is only a single strand going into the earpiece? My guess is they're just showing the styling of the mic piece, rather than the whole kit and caboodle.
Joji 28 Jul 2006 14:33
Hey I only noticed the port for this mic just yesterday. I thought it was enough to use the normal mic.

This new external mic looks cool and I will bag one.

Makes you wonder if wii will have one too.
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zoydwheeler 28 Jul 2006 14:46
I suspect that the Wii will use the same headset... it does look nice... don't know why white just seems to work better than black. Until (like my iBook) it gets all grubby and you have to get the Cif on it...
soanso 29 Jul 2006 09:30
so that's what the wee square hole in the DS is for!!
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