Major New First-Party 360 IP at X06

Writer lets slip looming giant

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Major New First-Party 360 IP at X06
It looks as though this year's X06 will feature a major showing of an all-new first-party Xbox IP with comments from a Microsoft-employed writer hinting a huge title is just around the corner.

Eric Nylund, the science fiction writer behind Halo: The Fall of Reach and the man currently employed on the script and plot for Gears of War drops the first mention of a new project for Microsoft Game Studios.

"What am I working on next? Well, if you took all the best parts of your favorite games, and smashed them together at light speed with your favorite movies and books, you'd get something close to this. It's not announced yet, but as soon as Microsoft does, I can at least tell you the title, genre, and what particular thing makes this game goose-bump worthy. So stay tuned."

It seems Nylund's blog is looking to replace Major Nelson as the viral marketer's outlet of choice... And some kind of sci-fi horror, probably involving shooting in the first (or hashed third, you never know) is going to be announced in Europe in a few short weeks.

As soon as we hear more, we'll let you know.


rastafari 26 Jul 2006 14:19
how do you know it is a major IP is it's brand new ?
equal major like Kameo or what ?

may be you should wait until they release the game, and then play it and then if it sold more than 1mio, you may consider to call it a new major IP

thane_jaw 26 Jul 2006 17:10

I don't recall the "lore" of Kameo being up held with fiction novels.

A major ip is one that they decide they want to push. Like Gears of War has been pushed for the last year. Originally there wasn't much interest in it and a few yawns, but they've turned it into a bandwagon of expectation.

If there's another brand coming out that they're going to attack in a multi-format styling with figurines, novels, comics, cartoons, etc. then they must be sure that:

a) its a good game

b) its an accessible game (e.g. 2nd person shooter at the mo)

c) they can make a killing on it.

That would make it a major ip in my eyes, becuase no matter what you do it'll be in your brand awareness (e.g. Viva Pinata will be all around us come Autumn, like it or not (hey any plans for a Viva Pinata theme Spong? I will pluck my eyeballs from their sockets if you have))
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