LucasArts confirm support for Wii

Wii-specific versions of Indiana Jones and Star Wars on horizon?

Posted by Staff
SPOnG has told you before how much we have daydreamed and fantasized about Star Wars lightsaber fights on the Wii.

If you are a fan of the movies (the original three, we mean, the less said about the latest batch, the better) and are also a fan of videogames, then you will understand our deep-rooted desire to come as close as is virtually possible to the experience of cutting off stormtroopers' heads with lightsabers.

So it's with a little frisson of excitement that we are happy to tell you that, according to LucasArts news from the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, the makers of Star Wars and Indiana Jones have confirmed that they will be making games for "all three next generation systems."

LucasArts rep Steve Sansweet remarked on the likeness between the Wii controller and a lightsaber to a member of the audience in a Comic-Con Q&A session. Sansweet also clearly stated that LucasArts would be supporting every next generation system.

Details beyond this, at time of going to press, are pretty scarce, but we will be sure to chase up LucasArts to find out more about their plans for Wii-specific Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones projects.

In the meantime, see what we thought of LucasArts' last showing of their forthcoming next gen version of Indiana Jones from our playtest at E3.


majin dboy 24 Jul 2006 12:26
Lucas Arts have great potential with SW Wii,but as ubisoft have found controlling a sword/light saber may be more difficult to replicate and thusly dissapointing. hopefully they will be able to pull a really decent control method together so the game may ne enjoyed by not just by the SW faithful.
Joji 24 Jul 2006 13:32
Hey, I see no reason why Lucasarts couldn't pull off a decent SW game with cool lightsaber action. Ubisoft have led the way for this type of game, and others will follow and make any corrections that my need to be made, in this new gaming angle.

Give em time and they'l figure something out. f

A dose of Rogue Squadron or perhaps a game spanning the all six films would be cool. Or maybe based off of some of the novels or something. Jedi training could prove to be interesting stuff.
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warbaby 24 Jul 2006 21:45
Ubisoft already said that it was a hard thing to do sword-esque fighting with the Wii. They originally had all movements directly translated onto screen, but are now going with a "move the hand and he attacks" type control style.

If LS can pull of a killer SW game on the Wii, it will attract a crowd of hardcore nerds like no other...
Charliemouse 25 Jul 2006 16:09
Who cares if it controls poorly just as long as the wiimote makes the proper noises!

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