Animal Crossing Movie: Trailer

All in Japanese, but we still love it

Posted by Staff
As we reported back in May, Nintendo is making an Animal Crossing movie, which is due out in Japanese cinemas this coming December.

We are not sure yet if the movie will receive an English translation and DVD release early in 2007, but we sure as gawd-diggedy hope so ? if only because it could only work to encourage more of our friends to pick up and play Animal Crossing Wild World with us.

For a taster of what is in store, you can check out the just-released movie trailer.

SPOnG will be sure to bring you news on any updates and plans for a US/European cinema (unlikely) or DVD (more likely) release as we get it.

(source: 4 color rebellion)


RiseFromYourGrave 19 Jul 2006 12:57
holy crap thats mint!!!

ill have to wait for a fansubbed version or something
jodo4 19 Jul 2006 14:36
i'm sure someone can vobsub it easily, google it, its freeware that subs videos with texts you can download easily, works all the time.
RiseFromYourGrave 19 Jul 2006 14:44
talking to a plug-in old timer here mate, ive got vobsub and i know how to get the .SRT's etc. but i shall certainly keep an eye out for this..
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