Super Mario Galaxy: Two Player Co-Op Revealed

Yoshi? Luigi?

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Super Mario Galaxy: Two Player Co-Op Revealed
Eager for information on any and all things Mario Wii related, fans of the series (surely everyone with a real heart) will be pleased to hear that two player co-operative mode will be included in the upcoming Galaxy.

Nintendo has confirmed this in the past few days, though has not outlined exactly what lies in store. However, what we do know is that one player will use a standard WiiMote, the other a WiiMote and Nunchuck and both will play at the same time.

Of course, this news sparked the beautifully predictable yearnings of Nintendo fans for a co-op game featuring Luigi, Yoshi, perhaps even Toad... Again, we just don't know at time of press. We can report that the theme of saving Princess Peach (or Toadstool, depending on how pretentious you are) remains very much intact.

What kind of co-op would you be hoping for? Let us know and we'll pass on your thoughts to Nintendo. We can do that you know. Because we're amazing.


ozfunghi 21 Jun 2006 12:58
I wonder if we'll see something with that strange multiplayer viewing patent they filed a while back. If they were ever going to use that -whatever the hell it was-, it would be with this game, i'd imagine.
LUPOS 21 Jun 2006 15:18
my first assumption woudl be that you coudl split up what people where already doign single player into two.

Haveing one person runnign aroudn and havign another usign the wiimote to knock enemaies and pull back the wrid rubber plant things to fling mario.
Even if both peopel ahev wands it would still be cool to have the extra assistance.
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spongfan 22 Jun 2006 05:37
How about co-op where each player gets to play there own character as one mode and perhaps another mode where one player controls Yoshi while the other controls Mario and Mario can obviously ride Yoshi but still perform various functions? Each player being able to play seperate would still be nice though, being stuck togehter in a Mario-kart way the entire game would be limiting.
Mike 3 Jul 2007 08:47
i would like it to be a co-op were both players have there own screeen and can explore everywere and do adventure mode together i hope Luigi is 2-player ahh mario and Luigi working together again
alex 28 Dec 2007 18:38
what buttons do you press so p2 can get in the game
hdghtghjtj 7 Jan 2008 14:42
wen fighting bowser just keep running round the blue things till he jumps 2 make it easyer
Mr Mario 31 Dec 2008 12:17
I think that instead of player 2 being a dot on the screen that he/she should be an actual character. I would love it if there was a super mario galaxy 2 !! The first was a great hit so imagine what the second would be like!
kelsey 4 Jan 2009 00:14
how do u put 2 players into super mario galaxy?? i hold the plaer 3 remote at the screen and press A, but it doest work!! HELP ME :'(
harrison 5 May 2009 02:08
I want to play as yoshi and toad
RiQ140 18 Nov 2009 04:02
Mario and Luigi should be included two player coop no doubt. Fans like me would surely enjoy that and it would be new and exciting.
ExiledNoob 29 Nov 2009 20:39
Seriously, I was really hoping that I would be able to sit down with a friend, both of us with Wiimotes and Nunchucks, controlling Mario and Luigi. The Single Player was fun as it was in the first one, but during gameplay I was always thinking how it would be to have Luigi platforming with me. It would be awesome.
boobnewb 26 Dec 2009 15:15
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