Team Rainbow Thwart Siege on Vegas - Trailer

‘Sin City’ terror threat. First video inside.

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Ubisoft has just sent us the first video trailer for the forthcoming Rainbow Six: Vegas, due out later this year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s looking very much like Rainbow Six: Vegas will be one of the leading PS3 launch titles in November, with Ubisoft Montreal taking care of dev duties on the game.

Storywise, it seems that there is some form of escalating terrorist siege on the chaotic streets of ‘Sin City’ which “threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights.” Jeepers!

Heading up your crack counter-terrorist squad, you battle to defend classic Vegas sites such as Fremont Street, the Strip, and of course, the many casinos.

The future of global security hangs in the balance. So don’t go off and let your attention be swayed by the flashing neon, the loose ladies and the promise of an easy fortune, as you have work to do!

The game features a new leader and a new team. Logan Keller is the team leader and recon expert and key members of his team include Michael Walter, heavy weapons and demolition expert and Jung Park, long range and electronics specialist.

Michael and Jung, offer real-time tactical suggestions as to how you might bust through walls or hack into computers, whilst you race the clock in your quest to locate the heart of the terrorist cell.

The tactical planning, real-time immersion, motion-capture, AI and multiplayer experience have all, we are assured, been massively improved for the first next gen outing of Rainbow Six.

More news on the impending terror attack on Vegas as we get it. In the meantime, just look at the trailer and see for yourselves what the excitement surrounding this title is all about:

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