Rayman Soccer ? Kerrrr-azy Video

Sensible and Not-So-Sensible Soccer news.

Posted by Staff
Some football tournament kicks off today, and the pubs of Britain are full of sweating, swearing men all united in their unhealthy hatred of the filthy Hun (?The Sun newspaper sez?) all hopped up on strong Belgian booze and ready to have a fight with anybody should (when) Germany win their first World Cup game.

SPOnG is just about to head over to our local hostelry to check out the Germany vs. Costa Rica opening game, but before we do, we have to impart two bits of videogame football related news.

The first one, which you should really be aware of by now anyway, is that Sensible Soccer is in the shops today, which means that you should be visiting your local games store to buy the game. Or if you can?t be bothered to get off the sofa or leave the pub, then you can just buy it online from Codemasters. It?s only 18, which is around the price of seven pints of watered down lager at our local.

The other footy related videogame news you need to know is that Rayman seems to have taken to the beautiful game. Check out the following faintly amusing trailer:

MPEG4 XviD (1.3MB)
Windows Media (1.1MB)

Right, we?re off to the pub. Englanders, have a great weekend and enjoy the football, the sun and Sensible Soccer. Come on, Croatia!


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