Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast - PC screens

Releases later this month

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If you are a Sega fan and don?t own the PSP or console version of OutRun: Coast to Coast then, aside from being slow on the uptake, you may also be glad to hear that the PC version of this glorious arcade racer is coming out later this month. On the 23rd June, to be exact, two days after the longest day of the year.

So at least all those PC gaming Sega fanboys will have something to keep them happy as the nights begin to draw in and the games industry starts the six-month countdown to D-day (otherwise known as Christmas).

Here?s a bunch of the latest screens Sega just sent over, and you can see more details on the game at SPOnG?s dedicated page right here.

And why, you may be thinking, would I want to buy another Outrun game, that looks a lot like all the other ones? Here is why. 12 fully licensed Ferrari models, including the awesome F430 and the Superamerica, 30 glorious stages from the best of the OutRun2 original and OutRun2 SP arcade, a fresh new mission structure, a license mode and amongst the purest online gaming fun money can buy.

Plus, you?ll get a nice funny feeling in your groinal area when you satisfy your in-game girlfriends with your special ninja driving moves.


Moschops 9 Jun 2006 17:33
One question; why?

C2C on ANY home platform sucks rabid dog's ass. It's fine for parading your wicked drfit action to all the (under age) ladies down at the 'cade, but utter crap after about an hour at home

Burnout baby, any day - EA or no EA.
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