Spore: Screens. Look. Important

Will Wright title. Big, interesting

Posted by Staff
Will Wright made The Sims. You might not know it, but The Sims sells more games than you can possibly imagine. As well as being a bountifully-uddered cashcow for EA, the god game realised some seven years ago what Nintendo is aiming for today - bringing gaming to everyone.

Because, everyone loves The Sims. And it's because everyone loves it that you've probably not played it. You should do. It's ace.

Back on track, Spore is Will Wright's latest game. A spore emerges from the primordial soup to a planet with no life. From here it must evolve, manipulating the work of Darwin to take over the universe. You see, Will Wright doesn't mess about. He makes big important games and Spore looks set to fit that bill to a tee.

We expect to have a lot more on Spore in the not too distant future, including a catch-up with Will Wright. So keep an eye out. You have been warned. You should also know that the game is, sadly, not an update of this little gem.



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