Sensible Soccer 2006 PC demo here

Download. Play. Smile.

Posted by Staff
It's one of SPOnG's games of the summer. It's an unashamed nostalgia-fest for many, who will remember the glory days of football games. The late eighties and early nineties, when we'd stay up late into the nights at school or at university, playing beautifully simple football games on our Amigas or Atari STs.

It is of course, Sensible Soccer 2006. Codemaster's glorious update of the lightning fast classic, with the easy to get to grips with (even for girls!) top down view, the hilariously over the top after touch swerving of the ball and the big-headed players.

Forget, at least for now, the overly complex fiddliness of most of the other football games currently on the market. Get your mates and your girlfriends round, and get stuck into a Sensi tournament. It will remind you, should you be of a certain age, why you fell in love with videogames in the first place.

The game itself releases next Friday, June 9th (the same day as some football tournament starts in Germany apparently) for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

You can download the playable PC demo, which lets you play a full England versus Argentina match, by clicking right here (sorry, file no longer available). It's pretty much a no brainer, because if you like football or videogames, you will like this.

And not to be overly pessimistic, but should England not make it through to the World Cup Final this year (wash your mouth out boy! - Ed) then at least there is a palliative and the fun can continue with Sensible Soccer 2006.

And for all you Pro Evo fanboys. Lighten up a little. Have some fun. Your game's not out till November for god's sake.


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