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The IO interactive men speak

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Eidos Interactive’ Hitman: Blood Money, the latest installment in the sinister assassination series, shot straight to the top of the All Format’s chart this week. Deservedly so, in SPOnG’s humble opinion.

Developers of H:BM, IO Interactive, tell us a little bit more about making the game in a series of video interviews, which you can download by clicking on the links right below these words.

In the Beginning
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Advanced Technology
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The Bloody Money System
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What Next?
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In the game, Agent 47’s contract agency, The ICA, is systematically eliminated in a series of hits. So it seems that a larger, more powerful agency has entered the fray.

SPOnG is not sure why Agent 47 was contracted to kill for London’s premier art venue, the Institute for Contemporary Arts on the Mall, but we’ll be speaking to one of their curators as soon as we get the chance to quiz them about this.

Progressing through the game, '47 loses contact with The ICA (It’s on The Mall, just up from Buck House, you cannot miss it!) but sensing that he may be the next target, travels to America where he prepares to make a killing.

We've been playing Hitman all week, so we’ll be bringing you our considered review in the next few days - after we’ve stopped shooting people for money.

UPDATE: We just spoke to a receptionist at the ICA. She told us: “To the best of my knowledge the ICA does not hire contract killers.”


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