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EA Sports: FIFA 20

Also known as [EA Sports: FIFA 20, EA Sports: FIFA 20: Champions Edition, EA Sports: FIFA 20: Legacy Edition]

2019-2019 PS4 Blu-Ray
Switch Cartridge
Xbox One Blu-Ray

Also known as [FIFA 19, FIFA 19: Champions Edition, FIFA 19: Legacy Edition]

2018-2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Switch Cartridge
Xbox One Blu-Ray
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
We Happy Few

Also known as [We Happy Few, We Happy Few: Deluxe Edition]

2018 PS4 Blu-Ray
Xbox One Blu-Ray
The Longest Five Minutes

Also known as [ The Longest Five Minutes]

2018-2019 Switch Cartridge
PSVita Download
PSVita Cartridge

Also known as [FIFA 18, FIFA 18: Legacy Edition, FIFA 18: Ronaldo Edition]

2017 PS4 Blu-Ray
Switch Cartridge
Xbox One Blu-Ray
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive La France! Add-on

Also known as [Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive La France! Add-on]

2016 PC DVD

Also known as FIFA 17: Deluxe Edition

2016 Sport: Football - Soccer
Xbox One Blu-Ray
PS4 Blu-Ray
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
PC Download
Mac Download

Also known as FIFA 16: Deluxe Edition

2015 Sport: Football - Soccer
Xbox One Blu-Ray
PS4 Blu-Ray
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
Wow! 6 Game Simulations Collection

2015 Compilation
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

2014 Sport: Football - Soccer
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
Monster High: 13 Wishes: The Official Game

Also known as Monster High 2013 (Working Title)

2013 Adventure
Wii U Custom optical disc
3DS/2DS Cartridge
DS/DSi Cartridge
FIFA Manager 14

Also known as FIFA Manager 14: Legacy Edition

2013 Strategy: Management
Sport: Football - Soccer
Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few 3D

2013 Shoot 'Em Up
3DS/2DS Cartridge
MotoGP 13

Also known as [MotoGP 13]

2013 PC DVD
PSVita Cartridge
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD
NBA Live 13

2013 Sport: Basketball
PS3 Blu-Ray
Xbox 360 DVD


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Deck 13
Hangar 13
Next Wave Team Next Wave Team S.R.L.
Point of View Point of View, Inc. 1996
Viva Viva Media
Third Wave Third Wave Games
Size Five Size Five Games
Big Five
Wave Master
Gang of Five
Five Star Software
Hyperion Entertainment Hyperion Entertainment V.O.F. 1999
VooFoo Studios
WOW Entertainment 2000
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