It?s good to Talk?

But its much better to Play.

Posted by Staff
Overloaded, the leading international mobile games developer and publisher, announced today that they have hired Frazer Nash Communications to handle all their corporate communications.

"This is a very exciting time for mobile entertainment? said Frazer Nash, Director of Frazer Nash Communications. ??and what is special about this company, is that as this new sector of entertainment has developed, they have been striving to make quality games that are always pushing the technology to the limit. Their games look fantastic and are also are exciting to play.?

?We are really glad to have Frazer on board? said Ashu Mathura, Managing Director of Overloaded. ?There are many players coming to the mobile games arena and we want to be in that leading group. We were looking for an agency that understood game development, Marketing, PR and also had a creative mind - Frazer?s company ticked all these boxes!?