CDV Announces Eight New Titles At E3

CDV Software Entertainment cements reputation as fastest-growing PC games publisher.

Posted by Staff
CDV Software Entertainment took E3 by storm by announcing eight new titles at the world's premier games exhibition in Los Angeles last week. In addition to the expected debuts of games such as Escape From Alcatraz, WarCommander and Nomads, the company also took the opportunity to announce some brand new signings.

Chief among these were Breed, a science fiction-themed action and combat game being developed by British developer Brat Designs, and CDV's first UK-commissioned title. Breed is due for release in the autumn next year.

This year CDV will release a diverse range of original titles for the PC, including one of the highlights of the company's E3 stand, the fantasy role-playing game Divine Divinity. Boasting splendid visuals with an exceptionally strong narrative drive, Divine Divinity is set for UK release in late summer.

Moving into autumn, CDV UK will publish the action adventure Escape From Alcatraz, which is already attracting much media attention on both sides of the Atlantic, followed by WarCommander, the latest RTS based on World War II, this time putting the player in the thick of the action at the D-Day Landings.

Next year's PC line-up from CDV demonstrates how the company has grown rapidly to become one of the most diverse and forward-thinking publishers in today's PC market.

The first quarter of 2002 sees the launch of Grom, a nail-bitingly tense action adventure in which the player must prevent German special forces from obtaining a secret weapon - rumoured to have been left behind by an ancient civilisation in Tibet.

This will be followed by Nomads, a game which almost defies categorisation - a role-playing, strategy, 3D action game set on a shattered - but still incredibly beautiful - earth. Your task is to help rebuilt the planet's economic facilities - factories, power plants and defence buildings.

In Heaven And Hell, you get the chance to play God in this real-time strategy game set in 1500BC, and scheduled for release on PC in the autumn of 2002. Heaven And Hell is an original take on a classic genre in which you must manipulate and re-construct four very disparate peoples in your own image.

Finally, the industry's most powerful and sexiest new heroine must surely be Angie Prophet, the no-nonsense star of the complex adventure Psychotoxic, due out towards the end of 2002. Angie is part human, part angel and part guardian to the human race and in this game she is the world's only hope of salvation as the citizens of New York await the return of the Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse.