LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game Parody is Amazing

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LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game Parody is Amazing
Have you ever watched the TV show Breaking Bad? Starring the dad from Malcolm in the Middle? You really should, it's hands down one of the best shows made in the last decade. Just as amazing as the misadventures of Walter White, though, is this faux LEGO video game adaptation.

But this isn't a LEGO game that's actually being made. No, this is a concept that some clever soul has gone and crafted by themselves. It involves character models for a number of characters that appear in the series, as well as a short sample of LEGO-style co-op gameplay. There's even a meth-cooking mini-game.

If you've not seen much of the drama show, then you should probably go away for a bit and watch a few seasons before viewing this as it's a tiny bit spoilerific (but out-of-context spoilerific, so your mileage may vary). If you're itching for the Series Finale later this year, go ahead and give it a watch.


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