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Topic started: Wed, 22 May 2013 16:14
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Wed, 22 May 2013 16:14
if its costs more than 2fiddy im not buying it
Wed, 22 May 2013 22:44
At least this was labeled as opinion, whereas you guys take brickbats to Nintendo and call it news.

(And this isn't what fanboys (and real humans like me) are moaning about--they're moaning about it phoning home; about it killing your ability to loan games out; about the very intentionally vague stance on used games; and the equally vague stance on games themselves; so please pack up your strawmen.)
Ergo... dim? Some!
Thu, 23 May 2013 10:39
Ergo, fanboys are real humans too. Like you. Or maybe you're just one of those "real humans" who are over-sensitive.

Fanboys and real humans can moan (and that's all they are doing, they'll still buy Xbox One) all they like about it phoning home. But platform holders and developers are determined to protect their revenue streams. People (real and fanboy alike) don't complain that their mobile phone needs a connection to work. We're moving into a perpetually connected future, with processing and storage in the cloud. Keep up. In a few years people will find your desire to have an unconnected console as ridiculous as we find the idea of a three channels that stopped broadcasting at midnight TV system nowl
Joined 14 Feb 2008
Thu, 23 May 2013 15:02

I'm not buying it now they can b******s

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