Rockstar?s Table Tennis ? New Screens

Ping Pong craze starts here.

Posted by Staff
SPOnG finally got a hands-on with Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis yesterday and we are happy to report that it is simply awesome. It's been a while since we played any game - yet alone any 360 game - which has that just-one-more-go factor, which this game oozes.

Whilst we nurse our hangovers (thanks Rockstar!) and try to collect our random, over-excited thoughts on what we experienced yesterday, check out these new screens.

Rockstar?s goal, according to the press release they gave us yesterday, "...was to create a game that is perfectly addictive in its focused simplicity, a game that showcases the true possibilities of a next gen experience, not just in looks but also in feel and pace." And we are more than glad to report that Rockstar has achieved this and more. So much more.

The guys yesterday spoke a lot about recreating the intensity and speed and visceral feel of a good fighting game, but in a sports title. At first, we must admit, we thought this was a bit of PR piffle and a good soundbyte. But this is actually what they?ve done.

And then battle ensued. SPOnG has not been this blown away by a sports title since we first picked up Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast many moons ago.

Oh, and Kikizo - totally f*cking pwned!

We'll have a full, detailed preview to follow very shortly.


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