Surprise as State of Emergency 2 Hits Release Schedule

New publisher, developer, play system and release date.

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Surprise as State of Emergency 2 Hits Release Schedule
To the surprise of pretty much everyone, it has been announced that State of Emergency 2 is in the works at developer DC Studios, to be published by Playlogic.

A sequel to the 2002 Rockstar-published offering originally developed by VIS, the series caused quite a stir when it debuted, seeing muted claims of sharp business practice at Take 2 combine with the usual media backlash enjoyed by Rockstar. There was also the fact that the game abjectly failed to deliver on its promise of free-roaming action, with the final version managing only a glimmer of what could have been.

According to the series? new parent however, things will be a lot different this time around. ?I am very pleased to have agreed to publish State of Emergency 2 with Playlogic. Their ambition and plans for the game fit exactly where we want it to go and I am confident that with them behind SOE2, it will be a huge success?, was the word from Mark Greenshields, CEO DC Studios.

Due out on the in time for Christmas for Xbox, PC and PlayStation 2, State of Emergency 2 will at least be an interesting experiment in IP jiggery-pokery.


Joji 19 Aug 2005 18:22
Perhaps this is GTA's little cousin come to stay for xmas.

I never played the first SoE so I can't really comment on it but from what I remember the poor art and character designs put me off it. I'll have to hunt the bargain bins.

This SOE sequel would have to do something special for me to buy it over Burnout Revenge or SW: Battlefront 2.
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