Microsoft?s Japanese Xbox 2 Push Beefed up

Q Entertainment signed.

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Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox 2 Push Beefed up
Eager to avoid a repeat of the trouncing the original Xbox has suffered in Japan, Microsoft Game Studios is soon to announce a deal with United Game Artists head developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi?s new studio Q Entertainment.

The deal is expected to see considerable support at launch and well into the launch period for the looming Xbox 2, a device likely to see the light of day at next week?s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The games will be exclusive to the new Microsoft platform and again illustrate the Redmond firm?s eagerness to please the Japanese market with tailored content.

As you may be aware, this news follows last week?s revelation that MistWalker, Final Fantasy famed Hironobu Sakaguchi?s new development house, would be providing the new Xbox with two exclusive RPG titles.

As soon as the Q Entertainment deal is officially confirmed, we?ll bring you full details right here.


Ditto 2 Mar 2005 17:53
Well good for Microsoft.

This is the kind of support Nintendo should be chasing after.
fluffstardx 2 Mar 2005 20:58
People took the piss out of them for not doing more about the Jap market; seems it won't happen twice.

This is what ALL consoles should do: attempt to appease their market.
kid_77 3 Mar 2005 12:29
Although it's a little dissapointing any new Sega Rally's, Rez's and Space Channel 5's would be tied up with his old employers, his track record bodes well for M$. Very smart move (wonder how much they forked out?)

Apparantly an heir to Rez is in development (which I gathered from an interview I saw a few months ago) which could be interesting.

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