Phoenix ? It?s not that Phoenix ? Might be nothing at all

Bungie resurrection doubted

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No, not this Pheonix
No, not this Pheonix
According to rumour doing the rounds this week, Bungie, you know, that company that makes that little shooting series for Xbox, is considering the resurrection of its Phoenix project, this according to a report hitting Entertainment Week.

According to the magazine, Bungie is ??busy at work on several projects, including the possible resurrection of Phoenix, a non-sci-fi project that Bungie spent two years on before putting it aside to finish Halo 2.?

At this point, some clarification is needed. Allow SPOnG to fill you in. The game, that isn?t actually a game as yet, is not a rework of the 1980 coin-op smash Phoenix. Nor is it anything to do with Team 17?s space combat game called, um, Pheonix. It?s a new game, that isn?t actually a game.

You see, the project was rumoured to be underway alongside ongoing Halo work over two years ago. Since then, Bungie?s Matt Soell stated that the work had been shelved.

Nothing official springs forth at time of press, though Phoenix is supposed to be an RTS with a mech theme. How utterly thrilling.

More as and when it breaks.



almondVanHelsing 3 Nov 2004 17:50
Wow! An RTS with a Mech theme that isn't Sci-Fi!!

That I have to see.
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