Tekken Wii U Details Undecided

Katsuhiro Harada explores potential uses for hardware.

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Tekken Wii U Details Undecided
Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has told SPOnG that he's unsure whether the confirmed Tekken game for Nintendo's Wii U console will be a port or a brand new title.

"We're not sure yet. we're still evaluating the hardware and we're currently just seeing what we can do with the basic elements that we need to make Tekken," Harada said. "We're not that far yet."

A Tekken title was listed as one of the confirmed third-party projects for Nintendo's new home console, which features a controller with a touchscreen that can interact and project images onto the television screen with an apparent zero latency.

Whether the game is a Wii U-enhanced update of a past release or a new entry in the Tekken series, you can bet that Harada is thinking of something. When we asked him what he thought of the hardware, he suggested some uses for the unique controller.

"Some examples you could think of for Tekken Wii U could be for perhaps something akin to a strategy guide. Before now you perhaps would have to go into a specific Practice mode in order to learn about your moves and your enemy's statistics.

"Now, you could pull up that data on the controller's screen while you're fighting an opponent. There are many possibilities for Tekken right now on Wii U."


Takebackgotham 9 Apr 2012 19:40
He should have done the same thing with Tekken Prime Edition instead for the 4 buttons. Tecmo got it right with Dimensions.
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