Australian Law: OK on Wii Sex Not so Much on Mortal Kombat

MK gets banned

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Australian Law: OK on Wii Sex Not so Much on Mortal Kombat
Strange people, Australian moralists - almost the opposite to the USA in fact. Down Under, the Wii game We Dare, which features stripping and snogging gets a 12 cert, while Mortal Kombat... well, it's banned.

According to Asher Moses, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, "Judging by the decisions, it appears that games promoting spanking, stripping and sexual partner swapping are acceptable for children while hardcore simulated on-screen violence is strictly off-limits."

The people at the Aussie classification board (who often do not even play the games that they rate) handed down a 'refusal to classify' ruling on MK last week. According to the report, "The board said highly detailed violence was the key reason for its decision and took particular exception to the game's 'fatalities' - special finishing moves unique to each character performed at the end of a fight."

The We Dare game has already been given a PEGI 12 rating for the UK and Europe - and has kicked up a predictably puritanical and prurient storm in The Sun and The Daily Mail.

Let's have a look at We Dare shall we?


ghoti 28 Feb 2011 12:28
Encouraging people to enjoy their sexuality = good.
Encouraging people to rip each others faces out = bad.

Why complain?
ZacE 28 Feb 2011 15:14
Ghoti...We Dare is PG-13....encouraging minors to explore sexual themes = inappropriate!!
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irritant 28 Feb 2011 15:51
ZacE - The game has been rated as having content suitable only for persons aged 13 and over (or 12, I think the PEGI rating is), that is simply a reflection of the suitability of the content on the disc as determined by a ratings body, not an indicator of who the game is aimed at by the publisher.
TheEmperor 1 Mar 2011 02:34
This just proves the Australian government is full of pedophiles...
Addict372 1 Mar 2011 20:10
OMG having just seen the video and the box it should be a 15 as that is the age that the BBFC say by it own rules that sexual images (not of any sexual action) should be rated. However, the game is clearly amid at a much older market you just have to look at the box to know that! On the other hand the sex shop in my town has a board game in the window with the same kind of innuendo on the box!
I cannot help but think that if the media did not kick up a fuse this game would not get noticed as it just a re-boxed mini game selection.
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