Nintendo Confident About Xmas

Reggie speaks freely

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Nintendo Confident About Xmas
Nintendo of America president, Reginald 'Reggie' Fils-Aime, is sounding bullish - albeit business bullish - about the holiday season for his company.

Speaking to Bloomberg following the release of November's NPD figures which saw Wii and DS outselling their respective competitors in terms of hardware, Reggie states:

"Our read on the consumer is very strong. What we are seeing today is a strong momentum for hardware and software."

This may offend Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who believes that November was the Xbox's best ever, and that Microsoft outsold everybody else's 'eco-systems'.



Psalms 11 Dec 2009 17:21
Of course, by saying "And if you look at software games, specifically third-party software games..." he was specifically excluding Nintendo's software and hardware, surely an admission that Nintendo had done well...
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