Bikini-Clad Muscle Men Game Heading To US WiiWare

Muscle March is a conga-line action game for the mind, body and soul.

Posted by Staff
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In news that will both astound and confuse you - yet will probably put the biggest smile on your face - Namco Bandai has announced that its wacky Japanese Wii Ware game, Muscle March, is heading to North American consoles next year.

For those who don?t know what Muscle March is all about - and we certainly don?t blame you - it features several very strong, strapping men (and bears) wearing nothing but pants running in something of a conga line, as you chase the American Football-dressed thief who?s stolen their protein shakes.

When giving chase, these muscle-bound men of honour smash through everything and anything to catch the culprit - however you have to follow the chain of poses and position yourself so that you will fit into the human-shaped holes that are created during the run. It?s a bit like a reverse Hole In The Wall, only with more man-chest than Dale Winton can handle.

Seriously, just watch the video, and be either enlightened or very scared.



Vijay 4 Dec 2009 14:32
Only in JAPAN!!!
Hark 4 Dec 2009 15:36
OMG! that game looks awesome! Im gonna go mod my wii now!
Daz 4 Dec 2009 16:58
you don't need to mod your wii if it's going to US then eventually it'll come here
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