All Game City Events to be FREE!

That's value for money!

Posted by Staff
GameCity Squared will be taking place all across Nottingham City from 27 - 31 October, 2009. Set in around the Market Square of Nottingham City the events have access to... the Public!

Not only that but all the video game-related events will be free to enter. The events are not yet named in any detail but we are reminded that...

"Last year Media Molecule wowed the audience with an intimate unstitching of Sackboy, Jonathan Coulton led 2000 zombies in a world-record-breaking undead singalong, Harmonix and SCEE launched the National Videogame Archive, Martin Hollis and David Doak gave a unique Directors commentary of Goldeneye 64 and David Jaffe didn?t even leave his desk to deliver his profanities. The 2009 programme will show no such restraint."

So, support your local video games industry and get ready to attend!


MightyPinkFish 23 Apr 2009 20:27
Do they charge for the odds?
tyrion 24 Apr 2009 07:21
MightyPinkFish wrote:
Do they charge for the odds?

Thanks for the catch, I've corrected the title.

Tim! We need another proofing intern!
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