Silicon Knights and the Mysterious Vice President

When is new not new?

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Silicon Knights and the Mysterious Vice President
Reports* are circulating that Too Human developer - Silicon Knights - has hired a new vice president in the form of Michael Mays. A new hire at this time would be great news for the developer.

Mays even participated in "in a Silicon Knights tradition of awarding real hand-made, battle-ready, ornate swords to those individuals who have been at Silicon Knights for 10 years."


However, could this 'new hire' be the same Michael Mays who replaced Silicon Knights Veep of finance, Rob DePetris, back in December? Or did we - and The Niagara Falls Review and The St Catherine's Standard all manage to report from the future? Nope. The simple truth is that Mays is not a new hire - at best he is a recent hire.

So, why would the line, "Silicon Knights, makers of groundbreaking video games, has added to its guild of talent with the hiring of Michael Mays as company Vice President" appear in a press release today after the hire was made in December?

As a reminder to a lazy press? Probably.

As a sign that the developer, which is very much at Microsoft's beck and call, is still fighting fit in the light of the fate of other Microsoft-related studios - such as Ensemble Studios? Possibly.

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