The World?s 100 Top Developers

UK pwns Japan. Take that!

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The World’s 100 Top Developers
The annual Develop 100 report lists the year?s top one hundred developers in terms of the only thing that actually matters - the amount of moolah they?ve made!

A quick glance over this year?s list reveals that UK studios generated 231.5m in total, in comparison to 172.9m generated by Japanese teams (including Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and Namco). Have that, Japan!

US devs in the top 100 racked up a total of 313m and Canadian devs a not-to-be-sniffed at 185.5m. However, they are both massive, huge countries, so any comparison with the amazing creative powerhouse that is the United Kingdom is immediately null and void.

Develop editor Michael French chips in with his ten-penneth, adding that, "Whilst the big players retain a massive presence, it's good news to see that new hardware formats and new IP and ideas continue to drive the business commercially and creatively" (*cough* FIFA, *cough* Need for Speed...)

The top ten big earners, with few (if any) surprises are:

1. EA Canada
2. Nintendo
3. Konami Corporation
4. Maxis
5. Traveller?s Tales
6. Rockstar Leeds
7. Ubisoft France
8. Yuke?s
9. EA Redwood Shores
10. Ubisoft Montreal

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a 7 Apr 2007 13:51
Thats last years list...
Rod Todd 8 Apr 2007 09:39
a wrote:
Thats last years list...

WTF do you mean it's last year's list?

It's a list based on sales in 2006... sure. But how do you expect them to create a list based on sales in 2007 when we've only just finished Q1?
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