Nottingham?s GameCity: Preview

Win a Tekken 3 arcade machine, take tea with Sonic

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Nottingham’s GameCity: Preview
SPOnG?s been speaking to the organisers of Nottingham?s GameCity event, which kicks off in just under two weeks time.

There has never been a better reason to visit Robin Hood?s home town. There are loads of events planned, including cake-and-tea parties (Sonic's birthday party), a videogames-themed pub quiz with Lorne Lanning (of Oddworld) and the chance to win an actual Tekken 3 arcade machine as part of GameCity?s Arcade Trail.

SPOnG is particularly looking forward to a session, called Grumpy Old Games Industry, and venued in a curry house. The event appears to centre on having a curry and a drunken rant with UK industry luminaries. These eminences include: Eidos Interactive's Ian Livingstone, and Free Radical?s Dave Doak.

For hardcore SEGA fanboys you can also see the greatest living (videogame) composer, Richard Jacques, play his greatest hits in a candle-lit 14th Century Church.

It certainly sounds like fun which is something that can?t often be said for these types of events, more usually held in a staid arts/conference centre. GameCity is the polar opposite, and using the magic triumvirate (games, curry, lager) to pull the punters in has to be a sure-fire winner.

Lord Puttnam, aristocratic friend of the gaming public, will be kicking off proceedings on Weds 25th October, opening the superb ?Into The Pixel? exhibition of videogame artwork ? last seen at E3.

His Puttnam-ship commented, ?I?m delighted to be able to open this first GameCity festival in Nottingham. Videogames are at the cutting edge of the future of the creative industries in the UK and it?s an index of the success of their journey into mainstream culture that something like GameCity is able to happen at all?.

GameCity is massively encouraging in a sector so often under attack from the mainstream.?

If you fancy your chances of winning that cabinet then email TEKKEN@GAMECITY.ORG quick sharp ? and tell them that SPOnG sent you.


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