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1. Looking Glass Studios announces E3 Line-up
Critically Acclaimed Computer Game Developer will Demonstrate Flight Combat, Flight Unlimited III and System Shock 2
Download Flipnote Studio for free on Nintendo DSiWare and start sharing your cartoon creations
3. Capcom Presents Onimusha: Warlords For PlayStation 2
Onimusha: Warlords comes alive with finely detailed character graphics using 10,000 polygons delivering realistic emotion and character animation.
4. Outsource Media’s Mark Estdale talks about bad cheese!
No More Cheese!
5. G3 Studios' Guido Henkel to speak at GDC
Industry pioneer Guido Henkel, CEO of G3 Studios, talks about mobile games at GDC.
6. Spyro 3 - The year of the Dragon
Strong fundamental gameplay, broadly appealing characters, entertaining lip-synched animation and a friendly learning curve.
7. Mobile phone vistas
Digital Jesters launch the world’s first mobile phone screen savers featuring breathtaking vistas from Virtual Skipper 3.
8. Atari Develops Shadow Ops: Red Mercury For AMD 64-Bit Processors
Cinematic shooter to leverage AMD’s advanced 64-bit architecture for improved game performance, graphics, artificial intelligence, more.
9. THQ and Majesco Sign International Publishing and Distribution Agreement
10 new titles bolster THQ International’s Game Boy Advance line-up.
10. ZOO Digital acquires Hothouse
Bristol hotshots go to Sheffield.