SHFTS Season 5 Episode 35

Posted 18 Dec 2012


Date:18 Dec 2012
Run time:02:39:50
File Size:73.25 MB
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How can anyone make a bad super hero game? Oh wait.


Chris ORegan and James Carter talk about their recent gaming exploits and share their thoughts with the rest of the planet via the magic of podcasts. Games covered include Marvel Heroes, Primordia, Torchlight 2, Kingdom Builder, De Weinhandler, Far Cry 3, Nano Assault Neo, Little Inferno, Nintendo Land, Catcha Catcha Alien and Okami HD. That is quite a list, hence the length of the show.

The hosts also cover the news with Dizzy Returns Kickstarter not really starting, at all and Comet electrical store closing down. Thankfully there is good news in the form of Journey getting a Grammy nomination, which is nice.



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