Podnight Resistrinse

Posted 04 Jan 2013
Run time:05:53:30
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A Review of 2012 in video games and more...

The annual review of the year, this year along with the Joypod hosts they are joined by Andi Hamilton (Midnight Resistance) and Leon Cox (Can and Rinse)


Joey 11 Jan 2013 22:28
Have you figured out the movie you talked about but couldn't remember the name of? I want to watch it now
Egor 17 Jan 2013 06:51
Renee, It was so fun to watch the girls open presents & play. It was truly one of the most fun Christmas' I've had in a while! I love you & the girls so much. I wish I could have setyad longer & helped out more. The girls as beauties just like their mommy!LoveHeather

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