On Film: Man Pays 450 for a Picture of an Xbox One

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Poor old Peter Clatworthy form Bilborough. Well, 19 year old father of four-year old McKenzie for whom he was buying a picture of an Xbox One... wait. What?

Yes, 19 year-old Pete went to eBay to buy an Xbox One for his four-year old son. Instead he spent 450 on a picture of the console (he's getting it back). According to the local newspaper:

"Despite the listing stating it was a photo of an XBox One Day One edition console, Mr Clatworthy said he'd expected to receive the console as it was listed in the video games and consoles category on eBay.

He said: "It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine.

"I looked at the seller's feedback and there was nothing negative. I bought it there and then because I thought it was a good deal.

"It's obvious now I've been conned out of my money."

We're making no further comment.

Source: Nottingham Post

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wavtor 6 Dec 2013 10:03
Even if he got the xbox one it still would of been a waste of money
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