Derrick the Deathfin Now Available on PC, Mac

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Derrick the Deathfin Now Available on PC, Mac
Derrick the Deathfin is a rather great little indie game that was released for the PlayStation Network back in October. We reviewed it here, you see. Now, for those of you without a PS3, you can enjoy the arcade swim-a-thon on PC and Mac.

The 'World's First Underwater Papercraft Video Game' is now available to purchase for those on a Windows or Mac OS X machine for 7.99. A CPU of 2GHz and RAM of 1GB is required to play, along with Windows XP and up or Mac OS 10.5 and up.

Developer Gordon Midwood has also told SPOnG that Derrick is currently undergoing Valve's community Greenlight process so that the game can be enjoyed on Steam as well. You can see the page for that here. Give it some support if you want to see it hit the Steam Marketplace.



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