Take a Break's Puzzle Master - DS/DSi

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Take a Break's Puzzle Master (DS/DSi)
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Route 1 Soft. Co.: Ubisoft
Publishers: Ubisoft (GB)
Released: 13 Nov 2009 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
No Accessories: No accessories


Take a Break’s Puzzle Master is an enjoyable, entertaining and engaging puzzle game as you battle to become the ultimate Puzzle Master!

It comes from the world's big selling true-life weekly, Take a Break which clocks in at a massive total circulation of over 4.25 million copies per month making it the biggest selling magazine of its kind in the UK for 14 years and is currently the 4th largest in the world.

In the game you will play your favourite puzzle games: Crosswords, Codebreaker, Sudoku and more, with the assorted brain stretchers adding up to hundreds of hours of puzzling play.

You'll play to become the Puzzle Master, but if that sounds like a lofty goal don't worry - Take a Break's Puzzle Master comes complete with an adjustable difficulty level, with 10 different difficulty settings - an essential feature for the less experienced puzzlers and seasoned masterminds alike. There are also hints and tips to help, so you don't have to sit staring blankly at the same puzzle for ages in order to progress.

Players can track their progress and unlock hidden games as they make their way from novice to master. Not only that, but they will see their progress rewarded with awards and trophies.

If you don't want to jump right in to such a meaty offering, there's a freestyle mode that enables you to do puzzles at your own pace – you’re in control!