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Closing date: end of 6 Aug 2009 (UK time)

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This competition closed to new entries at the end of 6 Aug 2009.
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MapleStory, the free to play MMORPG, announces its biggest update ever with Knights of Cygnus this August! To celebrate were giving you the chance to win a bundle of exclusive MapleStory goodies including plush characters and figurines.

MapleStory is an online role playing game that is free to play and free to download. This somewhat secret game is actually played by over 92 million players worldwide, so you never know who you might meet in the Maple world. This summer MapleStory Europe is pleased to announce the launch of Knights of Cygnus. This exciting update will provide content that is rare and unique, and players of this popular game can expect a totally fresh concept that they wont have experienced before. With upgrades to the interface system, new functions and hotkey add-ons as well as the anticipated community improvements, the Knights of Cygnus is one to look out for!

Experienced players can expect to empower their character, making it stronger by using the Blessing of the Spirit buff which is only open to Knights of Cygnus users. The Knights of Cygnus addition is also great for newbies, as it offers a number of level up options which enable players to progress through the game with a higher job or skill set.

This summer MapleStory has so much to offer, plus its strangely addictive and of course free to play and free to download so what are you waiting for?!

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MapleStory Goodies

Number available to win: 1

One lucky winner will receive a selection of plush goodies including a MapleStory mushroom, dinosaur, penguin and yeti.

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