Real Game Boy Robots emerge!

This. Is. Cool.

Posted by Staff
A robotics firm looking at affordable gaming applications for robotic devices has shown images of a gaming concept it's hoping to bring to the market in the coming year known as Bugz Robot Gaming Set.

The firm, a toy company called Childlikes, is searching for third-party Game Boy Advance developers to come up with game ideas for miniature robots that can be controlled via the GBA.

"We are looking for creative, interesting, and fun games for the BUGZ platform [in conjunction with Game Boy Advance]. In addition we are looking for development partners who understand this technology and believe in it as much as we do. We welcome game idea submissions. We are also interested in discussing licensing agreements with qualified companies," the firm said in an open statement.

The plans at the moment seem as simple as they do brilliant. "Out of the box, the gaming hub has the ability to host three games; racing, tag, and wrestling. In addition, the gaming hub has a built-in dock for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (AGB). When an AGB is docked, it becomes the intelligence, user interface, display, and sound effects for the game. The game scenario is then controlled by one of many possible AGB cartridges provided by third party developers."

We like this a lot. If you could buy the Bugz set up for, let's say 30, it's robots o'clock! Some of you may know that robots make up the Wholly Trinity. You have monkeys, robots and, of course, mullets.

We need a GBA-controlled bemulletted robot monkey.

And so do you.

We'll monitor this closely and bring you updates as they break.


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