PC Games Rule the World - Consoles Rule the UK

For some reason, gamers in the UK just won't follow a trend

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Now that's what we call a proper PC.
Now that's what we call a proper PC.
The gaming world is apparently ruled by the PC if you believe research carried out by DFC Intelligence, which also shows that in the UK we still prefer closed console systems.

The preference, however, is measured not in terms of numbers of PCs on gaming desks - that would be impossible to measure given build-your-own units and machines bought for business but used for games. It is measured via spend on kit.

In terms of PC supremacy over console in the UK, however, MCV quotes DFC boss David Cole stating, “The statement is absolutely not true for the UK where console gaming is still dominant by a large margin. Console gaming is over twice as much revenue as PC gaming."

He continues, "In the next few years we will continue to see console gaming dominating in the UK and actually increasing that dominance.”

The worldwide lead for the PC is put down to low take-up of consoles in countries such as Russia, as well as the emerging Asian markets.


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