eSports' Really Big Numbers

eSports are more than a passing fad says new report

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eSports' Really Big Numbers
A report from the United States-based SuperData and another from Newzoo both confirm that eSports is becoming very big news indeed.

"Competitive gaming, or eSports, are a rapidly growing market with viewership increasing almost eight-fold in the last four years," says SuperData.

It continues, "...according to our estimates and those of our pals Newzoo. We estimate the total viewership in the eSports market to have surpassed 70 million in 2013, doubling year-over-year. In the United States, males account for 70% of frequent viewers and participants. In two new reports, we delve into the potential of the eSports market."

In the USA at least, males between 21 and 34 years old watch eSports an average of 19 times a month for over two hours at a time. Also noted are:

Worldwide viewership has doubled in the last year, reaching more than 70 million viewers
Prize pools are likewise increasing, hitting $25 million in 2013 as Dota2 competition The International offered a record-breaking $2.87 million in prize money.
Publishers and major consumer brands alike are experimenting with eSports in order to connect with affluent young males, which account for more than 3/4 of U.S. eSports viewership.

Source: SuperData


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