Hint: Amazon Console Launch This Week

Press invitation signposts new console from giant company

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Hint: Amazon Console Launch This Week
Amazon has sent out press invitations to an event this week that would appear to single the launch of the long-awaited games console from the media giant.

The event will occur in the USA on Wednesday April 3rd. So far the big money is not on the fact that it's bought Sony, will buy Mojang or isn't buying anything. The big money is on this console. Which indicates that the Big Money is misreading the invite a bit.

According to Develop, in a piece entitled, "Amazon could reveal game console this week" it states that, "The web retail giant has sent out press invites for a New York-based event on April 2nd to discuss "updates for our video business"."

That said, Amazon has recently bought into the games market with the purchase of Double Helix.

And Electronic Arts doesn't offer its support for nothing.


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