Flappy Bird to Return Hints Dong

That's Flappy Bird.... not Bird... the game that died can return.

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Everbody's heard the Bird is the word, right?
Everbody's heard the Bird is the word, right?
Flappy Bird - the simple and frustrating mobile game that served much the same thrill-base as Dark Souls in that is was frustratingly hard maybe returning following its early murder by its own creator, 28 year old Hanoi resident Dong Nguyen.

Dong has said in a recent interview that following the negative attention he received via a negative story in Kotaku he was forced to pull the title and rethink his own life.

However, he also told the US version of Rolling Stone magazine, "People can clone the app because of its simplicity they will never make another Flappy Bird." We're entirely unsure if that's correct.

RS, however, finishes its piece thus: "Since taking Flappy Bird down, he says he's felt "relief. I can't go back to my life before, but I'm good now." As for the future of his flapper, he's still turning down offers to purchase the game. Nguyen refuses to compromise his independence. But will Flappy Bird ever fly again? "I'm considering it," Nguyen says. He's not working on a new version, but if he ever releases one it will come with a "warning," he says: "Please take a break."

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